Today I was able to participate in an educational forum that was historical.  It was a Teacher Town Hall meeting presented live on MSNBC.  Thousands of teachers from around the country weighed in on important educational issues facing our nation today.  Issues ranged from teacher accountability to poverty in education, from teacher compensation to passion and dedication to the job.  I am anxious to read the full transcript of the discussion.  I was impressed and encouraged to hear throughout the topics, that most teachers are committed to their work, they love the children they teach, and they are genuinely concerned about the state of education in America.  Many of us commented that there is a need for more conversations and a united voice to present to the legislators that are making educational decisions that affect our practice.  

While I am not always a proponent of the mainstream media, I want to say thank you to Brian Williams and NBC for providing a forum for discussion and for highlighting the issue of education for the nation.  Tune in this week as NBC continues the focus on education.  (   

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